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Paul Gibbons podcasting tips

The Three Lessons I’ve Learned From My Year in Podcasting

You may think podcasting is easy. But of course, entrepreneurs never know how things will turn out. I’ve often said that if I’d known how difficult it would be to start a company, write a book, OR run a podcast at the outset – well, I might have chosen a different path! In reflecting back on my […]

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Paul Gibbons and Annie Duke on VUCA

Making decisions in VUCA times – lessons from top poker pro Annie Duke

Listen to our podcast on decision-making, self-analysis, risk, and how to extract lessons from our victories and defeats! How is poker relevant to decision-making in business and life, and to thinking better?   Why is a former poker professional in great demand as a consultant to investment banks, hedge funds, and venture capital funds?  In one […]

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Paul Gibbons on gifted children with Ann Hulbert

Educating and Parenting Gifted Children: with Off the Charts author Ann Hulbert

Listen to our podcast on the most gifted prodigies in US history, and how they developed as adults! My guest this week is Ann Hulbert, literary editor of The Atlantic, and author of, Off the Charts: The Hidden Lives and Lessons of American Child Prodigies.   In this magnificent book, Ann investigates the stories of gifted children […]

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Paul Gibbons attacks quackery

How to Spot Quackery! Chiropractic, Vitamins, Chelation, Homeopathy, and Other Health Frauds

Listen to our podcast on chelation, chiropractic, prescription drug pricing, tobacco, ephedra, vitamins, homeopathy, kinesiology, and more! Quackery, the promotion of fraudulent or ignorant medical practices, is all around us –  often preying on the gullible. Some quackery is harmless, but some causes direct harm, and some causes indirect harm (such as when used as […]

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Evidence-based management Paul Gibbons

What Is Evidence-Based Management? Prof Rob Briner

We are in the middle of a revolution, what I call the evidence revolution.  The professions, including medicine, teaching, and management, are in the midst of a cultural shift – toward learning how to evaluate and use evidence when prescribing policy.  Yet there is resistance – particularly to evidence-based management.  Behaviors and cultural norms change […]

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Paul Gibbons discusses psychological myths

Learning Styles, Neurobabble, and Other Psychological Myths with Scott Lilienfeld

Listen to our podcast on psychological myths, neuroscience, and mental illness I first became aware of today’s guest as I was writing a book on business change, which led me to make a list of change myths. While I was at it, I also looked at psychological myths. After all, change involves changing people, which is […]

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Paul Gibbons on stoicism, atheism, and pseudoscience

Stoicism, Atheism, Pseudoscience, Scientism with Massimo Pigliucci

Listen to our podcast on scientism, atheism, pseudoscience, and stoicism Pseudoscience How do you make the claim that astronomy is a science, yet astrology a pseudoscience? Why is homeopathy pseudoscience?  This is called the “demarcation problem” first concisely stated by Karl Popper in the 1950’s.  More importantly, why should we care?  Why can’t philosophers and scientists […]

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Paul Gibbons embodiment podcast Mark Walsh

Embodiment: The Body and Its Role In Personal Change

Listen to the Full Episode: In contemporary psychology, who we are, and how we grow, learn, and change are mental phenomena.  On today’s episode of THINK BIGGER, THINK BETTER, we look at a radical new view – the body and its role in change.  You won’t find this topic discussed in textbooks; the ideas my guest Mark […]

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Paul Gibbons discusses populism with Arun Swamy

Populism, Trump and Brexit: History and Causes

Listen to the Full Episode: This week on THINK BIGGER, THINK BETTER we are continuing with a theme – populism – which describes aspects of today’s zeitgeist. My guest today, Dr.  Arun Swamy, helps break down what populism actually is and how it has manifested throughout history and today. What most populist movements share is an […]

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Paul Levinson and Paul Gibbons Fake News

Fake News – What It Is and What It Is Not with Paul Levinson

Listen to the Full Episode: Thank you for joining me yet again for another thought-provoking episode of THINK BIGGER, THINK BETTER – today’s topic is ‘fake news’.   Today’s guest is Paul Levinson, PhD, – an expert on contemporary media, an expert on fake news, and serial author of science fiction books. To give you a […]

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