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What is Pop Leadership and Why is it Harmful?

What is Pop Leadership and Why is it Harmful? Pop leadership is dangerous stuff.  Why?  Because pop leadership sounds wise and profound – but it is more often either trivial or wrong. Dan Dennett (famous Tufts philosopher) coined the expression “deepity” – which is a statement that is apparently profound but actually asserts a triviality on […]

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Chinese business leader quotes Paul Gibbons

Chinese Leadership and Philosophy Quotes

Chinese Leadership and Philosophy Quotes  I put together an incredible list of Chinese leadership and philosophy quotes. Chinese history is steeped in different philosophical ideas that have helped mold the leadership culture. I thought I would share some of the best.   P.S. this is part of a series, read some leadership quotes from women philosophers and […]

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Business Ethics Uber Case Study Kalanick Paul Gibbons

Ethics in the News – Uber Culture, Kalanick, and Trump Leadership

Ethics in the News – Uber Culture, Kalanick, and Trump Leadership Uber is back in the news – for covering up a data breach and for which they forked out $148 million.  How did they go from the world’s most valuable and admired startup to an example of everything that is wrong with Silicon Valley’s […]

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African American Philosophers and Poets Quotes

Leadership Quotes from African-American Philosophers and Poets

Leadership Quotes from African-American Philosophers & Poets For years I’ve taught Business Ethics dismayed at how few leadership quotes from African-American philosophers and poets we used. I sought out my favorite African-American philosophers and assembled an amazing list of wisdom. (Recently, I also compiled a list of leadership quotes from women philosophers as well) Which […]

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Paul Gibbons top 5 podcasts

My Top 5 Podcasts from Think Bigger Think Better in 2018

  The best, most humbling thing about Think Bigger Think Better is the amazing people (26 of them) with whom I’ve had conversations. Picking a top-five podcasts from 2018 was a nasty nasty job. I’ve picked these podcasts both for the importance of the topic, and for the wondrous, engaging speaking styles of my guest. Without Further […]

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Paul Gibbons interview James Shaw climate change COP24

Climate Change, the Paris Accord, and Sustainable Business with Hon James Shaw, Minster for Climate Change, New Zealand

 Listen to our podcast on the Paris Accord, climate change politics, and sustainable business. Today is the first anniversary of the show, and we have a fittingly amazing guest – the Hon James Shaw, who is the Minster for Climate Change and an Associate Minister of Finance for NZ. He’s also the co-leader of the […]

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spirituality leadership Gibbons Jankel

Spiritual Atheist and 21st Century Leadership with Nick Jankel

Listen to our podcast on atheism, spirituality, leadership, and consciousness Are spirituality and atheism incompatible?  Today’s guest – philosopher, speaker, and author Nick Jankel – would argue no. Nick broke with organized religion at a young age, but the rest of his life has been spent filling this gap with all of the things that typically come […]

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Trump Leadership Scorecard: Would he be a good CEO?

Join me on my podcast this week, where I discuss Trump’s leadership scorecard and why the left should not ignore the good things, and the right not ignore the bad. “I’m going to hire the best people in the world.” – Donald J. Trump “We are respected again, I can tell you that. We are respected […]

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Paul Gibbons embodiment podcast Mark Walsh

Embodiment: The Body and Its Role In Personal Change

Listen to the Full Episode: In contemporary psychology, who we are, and how we grow, learn, and change are mental phenomena.  On today’s episode of THINK BIGGER, THINK BETTER, we look at a radical new view – the body and its role in change.  You won’t find this topic discussed in textbooks; the ideas my guest Mark […]

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Reboot Your Life, feat. David Allen’s GTD

A few years ago, I gave many one-day seminars on leadership, and on time management.  Here are the slides from a one-hour introduction to some of the concepts from Getting Things Done – David Allen’s signature method for running your life. The tools within are the simplest, most elegant way of managing time that I’ve […]

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