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Business Ethics Uber Case Study Kalanick Paul Gibbons

Ethics in the News – Uber Culture, Kalanick, and Trump Leadership

Ethics in the News – Uber Culture, Kalanick, and Trump Leadership Uber is back in the news – for covering up a data breach and for which they forked out $148 million.  How did they go from the world’s most valuable and admired startup to an example of everything that is wrong with Silicon Valley’s […]

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Richard Baldwin discusses globalization with Paul Gibbons

Globalization: Trade, Trump, Brexit, and the Great Convergence with Richard Baldwin

We cover a lot of ground in this episode, beginning with a discussion about the history of globalization and how it’s ebbed and flowed over time. We also talk mercantilism, Trump’s trade policy, the rapid growth of China, and Richard’s globalization theory, the Great Convergence. Richard and I also talk about the state of Brexit and what’s likely to happen economically in Britain’s near future.

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Trump Leadership Scorecard: Would he be a good CEO?

Join me on my podcast this week, where I discuss Trump’s leadership scorecard and why the left should not ignore the good things, and the right not ignore the bad. “I’m going to hire the best people in the world.” – Donald J. Trump “We are respected again, I can tell you that. We are respected […]

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Paul Gibbons Truth Wars

Fake News, Post-Truth, Filter Bubbles, and Trump

Post-truth was the Oxford English Dictionary word of the year for 2016, and fake news  in 2017.  What do they mean?  Are Trump’s characterizations of CNN and the New York Time’s accurate?  Who produces fake news?  How can you tell the difference?

This podcast probes a culture of fake news, post-truth, Trump, and other phenomena from the last few years that corrupt our “information space.” As information age citizens, we depend on good information (facts) to make decisions as voters and consumers. Is that information available? What harms it? What harm might corrupted information do to us?

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Paul Gibbons discusses populism with Arun Swamy

Populism, Trump and Brexit: History and Causes

Listen to the Full Episode: This week on THINK BIGGER, THINK BETTER we are continuing with a theme – populism – which describes aspects of today’s zeitgeist. My guest today, Dr.  Arun Swamy, helps break down what populism actually is and how it has manifested throughout history and today. What most populist movements share is an […]

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Expert on post-truth Paul GIbbons

Truth Wars: A post-truth survival guide for consumers and citizens

(This is the first of a series of blog posts on post-truth (from 23rd February 2017).  The posts are drafts from the upcoming book Truth Wars.  The drafts are rough, but as there are new developments daily, I’ve opted for speed over perfection. Comments very welcome, ad hominem attacks, or attacks on particular groups are […]

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