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Paul Gibbons interviews Kelly Monahan on behavioral science in business

Why Is Behavioral Science the Hottest Thing in Business? With Kelly Monahan

Listen to our podcast on behavioral science and organizational change! Behavioral science is super hot right now in the business world. If you follow me closely, you know that this topic is a passion of mine and makes up a chapter in my upcoming book, IMPACT (which will be available for pre-order on Amazon on April […]

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Paul Gibbons ed tech Andrew Hermalyn

Will Ed Tech bring Universities into the 21st Century? with Andrew Hermalyn of 2U

Listen to our podcast on ed tech, online degrees, and the future of higher education. The university system faces some big challenges – can ed tech help? To a great extent, education looks today almost exactly as it did at Oxford 500 years ago  – young people sitting in a room listening to an old […]

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Artificial Intelligence (AI), IBM, and the Future of Work with Jesus Mantas

Listen to our podcast on artificial intelligence, consumer AI, and the future of work. Today’s amazing guest, Jesus Mantas of IBM, joins us to talk about Artificial Intelligence, its main consumer and business applications, and how IBM is addressing the risks of AI. IBM is an incredible company. Not only is it more than 100 […]

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