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Human Evolution with Scott Solomon and Paul Gibbons

Human Evolution: How CRISPR babies, online dating, and technology are changing our future with Scott Solomon

Listen to our podcast on human evolution, technology, and CRISPR. Some famous scholars, no less than Stephen Jay Gould, have pronounced human evolution over.  Perhaps this seems intuitive; we’ve conquered many diseases, have better nutrition and hygiene across the board, and have generally removed many of the SURVIVAL pressures that typically drive natural selection. But […]

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Paul Gibbons neuroscience globalization evolutionary biology

Are Neuroscience and Evolutionary Biology Useful Guides for 21st Century Humans? With Bob Samuels

  Listen to the Full Episode: Welcome, everyone, to this edition of THINK BIGGER, THINK BETTER. In this episode, we talk to Bob Samuels – a true polymath, psychologist, philosopher, and social scientist from the University of California, Santa Barbara where he teaches Public Discourse, Psychology, and Rhetoric.  We discuss the importance of reason and how […]

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