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Paul Gibbons on human flourishing and 21st century busines

Human Flourishing: The True Purpose of Business?

Listen to our podcast on human flourishing, and the noblest purpose of 21st-century business. What is the meaning of life? Is it being happy, as many contemporary authors and self-help gurus will tell you? With all due respect to those who’ve made a career out of that message, there is more to it – and […]

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human flourishing

Human Flourishing questionnaire – Beyond Happiness

More than happy?  Flourishing captures more of what is important to human beings – and provides a richer compass for their lives than happiness. You can find a post explaining human flourishing here. This is a questionnaire from the book Reboot Your Career. If you find this valuable, don’t forget to sign up for more […]

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human flourishing

Is Pursuit of Happiness Making You Miserable?

The happiness disease? The idea that happiness is the most important goal in life has a lot going for it. Philosophers, Eastern and Western, from John Stuart Mill, to the Buddha, testify to its importance. Visit the psychology section of your local bookstore and every second title, it seems, is about happiness. I’m going to […]

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