Reboot Your Career

Reboot Your Career

  • Gain insights into the “future of work” and the mindset you need to prosper.
  • Understand yourself better with powerful exercises based on the latest science of human performance.
  • Make career choices aligned with “the real you”.
  • Learn to express your passion and capabilities in your writing and speaking so that employers “get” who you are.
  • Learn how to create a personal brand and build networks that deliver opportunities.
  • Get tools that create compelling resumes, social media profiles, and cover letters.
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Selected Insights

  • "Within a decade, half of workers will be soloing (as freelancers, contractors, solopreneurs, or “uberized”)."
  • "Interviewees often present themselves as a bucket of skills and competencies. Hiring managers have to “connect the dots” between that bucket of skills and the results they want. This may leave them impressed with your qualifications, but in some doubt as to the usefulness of the potential hire: you!"
  • "We base our main recommendation, the switch to 80% networking from 80% applying for jobs, because the real job market works nothing like you think it does."


I. 13 Ways the Workforce has Changed in the 21st Century

II. The 7 Most Harmful Career Myths

III. The 8 Pillars of the Career Mindset

The "Inside Job"

I. Beyond the Pursuit of Happiness

II. Components of a Rewarding Career

III. Personality - How Am I Wired?

IV. How Do I Describe Myself?

V. Packaging my Accomplishments

VI. Creating a Mission, Vision, and Values

Packaging You! Your Value Story

I. Building Your Resume Step by Step

II. Decision-Making in Complex and Ambiguous Environments

III. Creating an Impressive Opportunity Sought Statement

IV. Describing Your Capabilities

V. Constructing Your Resume

VI. Creating Your Biography and Tagline

VII. Using LinkedIn and Social Media

The Outside Job - Modern Networking and Job Hunting

I. How the Job Market Really Works

II. The Science of Networks and Human Connection

III. How to Manage Opportunities and Convert them to Jobs

IV. Closing and Negotiating

What Readers Say

"(Re)Boot Your Career is a punchy, practical guide to getting paid well for doing what you love and are good at. The various assessments and processes you will find in its covers are very helpful in aligning your “inside” passions and talents with the “outside” opportunities in the world of work."

--Amazon Customer

"This book is phenomenal. I paid over $800 to a business coach and a professional resume writer when I transitioned from my former 9-5 job to owning my own business 2 years ago. All of that money bought me about half of the advice that is contained within this book. (Re)Boot Your Career wasn't out then - but it's here now and I highly, highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to change their career and their life."

--Lauren Lang, Digital Media Producer

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