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Behavioral Change Strategies

I offer three concrete strategies for changing behavior.


Why We Suck at Behavioral Change

The gap between intentions and actions, and between words and deeds, plagues us individually, in business, and in society.


Creating Growth Cultures

What is change agility and how do you create change-agile organizations?


2016 Ethics Scandals

What can we learn from the LIBOR, FIFA, and Volkswagen ethics scandals? What caused these organizations to break down?


How do you create an ethical culture?

You cannot create a good enough ethical mousetrap - humans are vastly creative (even at fraud).


What is a good (ethical) business?

Some people think following the law is all that is required of business.


Paul's Keynotes

My speeches bring you the latest thinking on our post-truth world, on the science of change, and on ethical businesses. They make useful the latest research, from psychology, neuroscience, behavioral economics, and evidence-based management. Featuring stories from today's most admired companies (Google, IBM, Shell), my talks are peppered with insights both from great philosophers and today's leading scientists. They come alive through tales from my 35 years at the coal-face in business - as a derivatives trader, strategy consultant, change expert on multi-million dollar programs, and entrepreneur. Visit my Provocations page, or my YouTube channel for excerpts – then contact me via email to discuss how to make your next conference, offsite, workshop an outstanding learning experience.

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Speaking Topics

Leading in a VUCA World: How two complexity tools help leaders navigate the five megatrends

The five megatrends - demographics, economic power, urbanization, climate, and technology – present leaders with a more complex environment than they have faced before. Leaders need practical tools to make decisions, and adapt their businesses to this environment. This talk offers three tools that leaders can put to work on Monday morning.

The Behavioral Revolution: How to change culture and behavior with 21st century science

Changing behaviors matters – what people say and intend has value, but without alignment of actions with words, results don’t happen. I provide insights from 21st century science (nudges, habit change) and offer leaders tools they can use to drive change – in business, and in society.

Why Change Fails: Five concrete lessons for change leaders

Decades after great books such as Leading Change (Kotter), change failure rates remain stubbornly high at 50%. Why? What do traditional approaches miss? Based on The Science of Organizational Change, I draw on insights from economics, and cases studies from leaders who get it right, and some who got it wrong.

Robots, Drones, AI, and IOT: What are the ethical and leadership challenges?

These technologies will be transformational in impact. Yet, drone delivery, personal robotics, driverless cars, and AI present a host of threats and ethical challenges. This talk/ discussion introduces the risks, and facilitates peer discussion around privacy, data security, and risk mitigation.

Replacing Leadership BS with Science

Leadership theory is largely dominated by mythology, pseudoscience, and pop psychology. This includes the most popular, such as emotional intelligence, and “great man” theories. This exposé covers the five most damaging myths and replaces them with evidence-based insights.

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