Reboot Your Life

Reboot Your Life

“This wonderful book teaches you very simple daily methods which are actually backed by cutting edge principles.”

Readers will take away a step-by-step guide, that can be done in 30 minutes a day, which will bring them the following results:

  • Clearing away mental clutter – a life “spring-clean”.
  • Clarity on what you care most about.
  • Reconnection with your passion and purpose.
  • Tips for realizing goals, not just setting them.
  • Three simple things you can do to manage time better.
  • Creating a mission and vision that will inspire and empower you.
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Selected Insights

  • “Great leaders know that the first task is leading yourself, being clear about your mission, vision, and values.”
  • “Becoming the author of your own life is a sacred privilege.”
  • “When setting goals, create a balance of performance goals, and learning goals.”
  • "Job hunters need to shift from 80% applications to jobs and 20% networking, to 80% networking and 20% job applications."
  • "Chaos theory means you create "managed serendipity" - it is impossible to predict who is talking to whom and what the outcomes of your networking might be, but you do make your own 'luck'"
  • "Development of great habits is the key to personal growth and realizing your goals."
  • "Being clear on your values helps you lead authentically, "from within".

I. Defining Success for Yourself

II. The Rug

III. The Runway

IV. Clearing the rug and runway

V. An attitude of gratitude

VI. Your mission in life

VII. Your five-year vision

VIII. Setting inspiring goals

IX. Turning goals into projects

X. Turning projects into next-actions

XI. Deciding what to do when

XII. Keep this going – for the rest of your life

What Readers Say

"This is a clear-headed, empirical walk through the steps and techniques of changing yourself, your life and your attitudes. The author is sharp, empathetic and scientifically literate, and distills enormous practical wisdom in a few short pages. As one of the editorial reviews said, practicing the techniques and exercises provides the real value."

--Michael Metelits

"This book really is helpful when you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and unsure of where you need to go. Do the exercises, and you'll start to feel the fog lift right away! "Reboot Your Life" offers a simple, tried and tested approach to reconnecting with one's inner purpose and passion while instilling a disciplined implementation of goals. Since working through the Reboot process, my life has never been the same, and I’ve never looked back"

--Lauren Lang, Digital Media Producer

"Paul Gibbons IS the Life Reboot Master. He knows how the circuitry of the human mind and soul works. The simple yet powerful approach of each "day" in this book lets you move swiftly onto the path of your ideal lifestyle, through highly actionable steps. Through powerful visioning exercises, inspiring goal setting, attitude alignment, and more Gibbons helps you create your new "runway" so you can really take off in life. I've done a ton of this type of work, and his approach is really refreshing. This book is totally worth it."

--David Hamilton

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