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Sam Harris is Closing His Patreon Account – Is Patreon Being Ethical?

Sam Harris is Closing His Patreon Account – Is Patreon Being Ethical? Just as I’m ramping up my Patreon account to crowdfund Think Bigger Think Better, I learned Sam Harris is closing his Patreon account with the following note:                                    […]

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Best Non-fiction Books of 2018

The Best Non-fiction Books of 2018 2018 was another tumultuous year in politics around the world.  People are still struggling to make sense of the rise of populism, alternative facts, nativism and authoritarianism.  (Did you know that sales of Orwell’s 1984 soared 10,000 percent in 2016 – the publisher could not meet demand.)  Most of […]

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Paul Gibbons 2018 top five lists

My Five Favorite TV Shows, Movies, Tweeters, and Songs from 2018

My five favorite  TV shows, movies, tweeters, and songs from 2018 Part of me likes high-culture (opera, ballet, classical music).  But I have a Mr Hyde – and he likes junk sci-fi, Netflix dramas, hip-hop and EDM. Yes, I’m several decades too old for that kind of music – but ever since I switched from […]

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worst ethics scandals of 2018 in business with Paul Gibbons

Worst Ethics Scandals of 2018

Worst Ethics Scandals of 2018 In my Business Ethics and Leadership MBA class, we have a segment called Ethics in the News, where students bring an issue from the week’s news to discuss and try to apply abstract ideas – such as “values-based leadership” or “consequentialist ethics” or “tragedy of the commons.”  From my point […]

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Paul Gibbons fave women philosophers

Leadership Quotes from Women Philosophers and #metoo

Leadership Quotes from Women Philosophers for our #metoo times Philosophy, historically, has been old white guys. The history of Western Philosophy is very male and my education… Kant, Hume, Mill, Rawls, Descartes, Leibniz, MacIntyre, Russell, Whitehead, Ayer, Popper, Quine, Williams went very far and deep before I ran across a woman.  Further, in the business […]

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Paul Gibbons Amazon HQ2 ethics

Questioning the Ethics of Amazon HQ2

Questioning the Ethics of Amazon HQ2 Ethics in the News was a feature of my MBA class in Business Ethics when we discussed the breaking news of the day – I’ve decided to bring that feature to you   Ethics in the News   Amazon HQ2   Amazon finally chose two locations for its “HQ2”, New […]

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Paul Gibbons top 5 podcasts

My Top 5 Podcasts from Think Bigger Think Better in 2018

  The best, most humbling thing about Think Bigger Think Better is the amazing people (26 of them) with whom I’ve had conversations. Picking a top-five podcasts from 2018 was a nasty nasty job. I’ve picked these podcasts both for the importance of the topic, and for the wondrous, engaging speaking styles of my guest. Without Further […]

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Paul Gibbons podcasting tips

The Three Lessons I’ve Learned From My Year in Podcasting

You may think podcasting is easy. But of course, entrepreneurs never know how things will turn out. I’ve often said that if I’d known how difficult it would be to start a company, write a book, OR run a podcast at the outset – well, I might have chosen a different path! In reflecting back on my […]

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Paul Gibbons on risk

Humans Do Not Understand Risk – Six Costly Mistakes We All Make

Deciding in a risky world In a VUCA world, you need to understand volatility and uncertainty.  Yet even CEOs, CFOs and senior business people I work with are ignorant of some of the basics of risk and probability, which can make them the “sucker” in the game. (In poker, we say if you can’t spot the […]

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Truth Wars Paul Gibbons

Truth Wars quotations – fake news, democracy, and Trump

Writing Truth Wars is hard! Not only is the subject vast, touching on journalism, Facebook, critical thinking, science, politics, corporate fraud and much more – the landscape on which the book reports changes daily (hourly?)  Furthermore, without a publisher and chunky advance, the very annoying job of earning a crust interferes with scholarship, research, and […]

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