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Paul Gibbons Truth Wars

Fake News, Post-Truth, Filter Bubbles, and Trump

Post-truth was the Oxford English Dictionary word of the year for 2016, and fake news  in 2017.  What do they mean?  Are Trump’s characterizations of CNN and the New York Time’s accurate?  Who produces fake news?  How can you tell the difference?

This podcast probes a culture of fake news, post-truth, Trump, and other phenomena from the last few years that corrupt our “information space.” As information age citizens, we depend on good information (facts) to make decisions as voters and consumers. Is that information available? What harms it? What harm might corrupted information do to us?

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Paul Levinson and Paul Gibbons Fake News

Fake News – What It Is and What It Is Not with Paul Levinson

Listen to the Full Episode: Thank you for joining me yet again for another thought-provoking episode of THINK BIGGER, THINK BETTER – today’s topic is ‘fake news’.   Today’s guest is Paul Levinson, PhD, – an expert on contemporary media, an expert on fake news, and serial author of science fiction books. To give you a […]

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