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Artificial Intelligence (AI), IBM, and the Future of Work with Jesus Mantas

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Listen to our podcast on artificial intelligence, consumer AI, and the future of work.

Today’s amazing guest, Jesus Mantas of IBM, joins us to talk about Artificial Intelligence, its main consumer and business applications, and how IBM is addressing the risks of AI.

IBM is an incredible company. Not only is it more than 100 years old (a feat only 4 companies in the Dow Jones can claim); IBM has ridden the wave of tech innovation decade after decade, with its employees earning five Nobel Prizes, four Turing Awards, five National Medals of Technology, and five National Medals of Science. IBM is now a global leader in crucial technologies including blockchain, cognitive, AI, cloud, PaaS/ SaaS, cyber security and much more. For a long time, Wall Street was critical of IBM’s “moonshot” investments in AI and quantum computing, but it has survived over the decades in the turbulence of the tech industry by making such big bets.

Jesus Mantas is from Spain, lives in Austin, and is a Managing Partner at IBM with accountability for Cognitive. He is also CSO of IBM’s consulting business. He is, in some ways, typical IBM: a geek through and through, exemplified by his engineering background and lifelong fascination with AI. But he is a geek who specializes in helping businesses exploit new technology for consumer and business benefit, and he is helping lead one of history’s most groundbreaking companies into a future of responsible, transparent Artificial Intelligence.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why AI is already more prevalent in your daily life than you realize.
  • The three places we can expect AI to show up next.
  • Why those developing Artificial Intelligence must have clarity on the end use of their AI.
  • Why IBM’s massive size is an asset in the development of AI, rather than a liability.
  • How generational differences affect how companies manage and share their knowledge, and how AI can help do this effectively.
  • Which industries (expected and unexpected) are being – or will be – upended by AI.
  • How the increasing presence of AI will affect the type and availability of jobs in the future.
  • How IBM is understanding and addressing the risks AI can present.

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