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Embodiment: The Body and Its Role In Personal Change

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In contemporary psychology, who we are, and how we grow, learn, and change are mental phenomena.  On today’s episode of THINK BIGGER, THINK BETTER, we look at a radical new view – the body and its role in change.  You won’t find this topic discussed in textbooks; the ideas my guest Mark Walsh shares today are found in very few places – workshops, personal development courses – and even then in very few of those.

From England, Mark Walsh is a pioneer in what is called “somatic” or “embodiment” education. He has studied with world leaders in this field, notably Paul Linden, and synthesizes their work with contemporary best practice in adult learning. He runs not only corporate programs for the Global-100, but works with communities in conflict zones, teaches yoga, and is an experienced martial artist. His current projects include his own podcast (The Embodiment Podcast), his YouTube channels (The Embodiment Channel), being CEO of Integration Training (leadership) and Embodied Yoga Principles.

The big question is, for people interested in self-development, how can your bodily practice help you develop the self?  Join Mark and I today as we discuss how changing your mental life may be useful, but to get results in real life, your behaviors must follow your intentions. If you are unfamiliar with this kind of thinking, it may seem strange but then again, novel ideas usually are when we’re first exposed to them.

Trigger warning…  Mark is pure authenticity: If you object to cussin’, we get a bit salty here and there.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What is embodiment?
  • The relationship between embodiment and personal change.
  • The relationship between embodiment and emotion.
  • How a bodily approach helps us change behavior.
  • What it means to embody values.

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