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How Behavioral Science Affects Consumers and Shapes the Future of Business with Michael Barbera

Paul Gibbons interviews Michael Barbeera CBO on behavioral science

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On the podcast this week, we’re continuing to explore how behavioral science is reshaping business strategy and consumer behavior alike. On the last episode, I talked to Kelly Monahan about why this approach has blown up in the business world. To provide another fascinating, innovative lens to this conversation, I’m joined by consumer psychologist and business strategist Michael Barbera.

But first, my upcoming book IMPACT Using Science to Change Behaviors, Hearts, and Minds is available for Kindle pre-order on Amazon. (The paperback is not available for pre-order, sadly.) I’ve priced it really aggressively at $9.99.

Here are some of the questions it tackles.

• Are the tools and methods used by change leaders that were developed in the 20th century up to the pace of digital age change?
• What are the particular change challenges of digital transformation and the future of work initiatives?
• What science and technology breakthroughs can change leaders apply tomorrow to boost their effectiveness?
• How can the behavioral sciences support organization development, culture change, and change management?
• Why in an age dominated by technology are trust, purpose, community, meaning, and empathy more critical than ever before?
• How does millennial culture affect how we change hearts and minds?
• How can change leaders use digital technologies to create engaged, passionate followers?•How have globalization, artificial intelligence, and millennial culture affected the change landscape?
• How have 21st-century “information disorder problems,” information glut, fake news, filter bubbles, social media, and “always-on” changed how we communicate and how we lead change?
• How can you effectively lead change in virtual, global, workspaces and workforces – and those with a high percentage of “gig economy” workers?

Here is the link to Amazon USA.

And back to today’s podcast!

Michael Barbera is a leading expert in the complex factors that drive the consumer decision-making process, including consumer behavior, emotion, and experience. As the Chief Behavioral Officer (CBO) at Clicksuasion Labs, Michael helps clients to better understand consumer influence and consumer behavior, both online and in person. He’s also a celebrated keynote speaker, host of the Clicksuasion podcast, and dynamic TEDx presenter.

Michael and I talk about how businesses are beginning to apply behavioral science in their approaches to both employee engagement and consumer behavior. We discuss how the field is only in its infancy and how much more we have to learn, and we talk about some firms and practitioners that are paving the way for some serious innovation in the application of behavioral science. Michael also touches on the role of gamification in behavioral science and where we’re already seeing behavioral science change consumer decision-making.

What You’ll Learn about Behavioral Science from this Episode:

  • Why behavioral science is one of the hottest and most important topics in business today.
  • What problems behavioral science solves that other approaches can’t.
  • How behavioral science will change in the next decade (and how it will change business, too).
  • The role of self-reflection in behavioral science and real-world applications of it.
  • What managers need to know if they want to apply behavioral science principles in their work.
  • Where consumers are already seeing behavioral science in their everyday lives (even if they don’t realize it yet).
  • Why behavioral science is more of an experimental process than a simple step-by-step process.

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