Day: October 13, 2016

career myths

7 Myths and Cognitive Biases that Might be Killing Your Career?

Helping people find careers they love sometimes means helping them get out of their own way.  These seven career myths and cognitive biases are the most damaging. Which might be getting in your way? This summary of career myths is from Reboot Your Career, co-authored with Tim Ragan, and available end-September 2016.  The article first appeared in […]

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human flourishing

Is Pursuit of Happiness Making You Miserable?

The happiness disease? The idea that happiness is the most important goal in life has a lot going for it. Philosophers, Eastern and Western, from John Stuart Mill, to the Buddha, testify to its importance. Visit the psychology section of your local bookstore and every second title, it seems, is about happiness. I’m going to […]

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career megatrends

Thirteen 21st Century Career Megatrends – and What You Should Do About Them

Don’t wake up a dinosaur The rules of work, employment, and career are vastly different from those of a quarter century ago, and “players” (people managing their careers) have to learn the new rules.  As a career-minded professional, you must stay on top of trends that could affect your employability, or income in a few […]

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wisdom of crowds

Are All of Us Really Smarter Than One of Us?

Don’t confuse group wisdom with the madness of crowds “All of us is smarter than one of us” is a nice-sounding aphorism. It is the sort of platitude that gets thousands of retweets and shares, while making the proclaimer sound like a team player: immensely humble, and up-to-date with their management reading. But pithy feelgood phrases such as this get in […]

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business gurus

Stop Treating Business Gurus as Prophets. Question Everything!

In no domain that I can think of, do writers get a “free pass”, that is that their words are taken as axiomatic (or gospel if you prefer).  Even the most famous scientists of the 20th century, Einstein, Turing, Watson (DNA), lived with a torrent of criticism and debate through their lives. Certainly our time […]

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change management

Time to Euthanize Change Management?

If we had leaders at every level… Imagine an organization filled with leaders at every level who excelled at aligning staff with change strategy. Key change programs become priorities for them, they work hard at understanding the big picture, handle conflict assertively, yet gracefully, motivate and align staff, communicate with affected stakeholders (say customers), skillfully […]

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pop psychology in business

Is pop psychology bad for business?

In my upcoming book, I present some ideas that risk being controversial. They relate to leading change, and whether the “pop psychology” that circulates in the change and leadership worlds is harmful, or helpful, to understanding and leading people. I also introduce the idea of “pop leadership”, soundbite style leadership wisdom, and ask whether that […]

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change strategy

Do we need to redefine “change strategy”?

“Tactics teaches the use of armed forces in the engagement; strategy, the use of engagements for the object of the war.” (Von Clausewitz, On War) Are change strategy frameworks strategic enough? What is commonly called change strategy is not very strategic, because strategy properly focuses on goals, and tactics on how to deliver them. Many […]

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change management myths

Top 20 Change Management Myths

Why does change fail? With change failure rates hovering around 50% (according to the most recent surveys from McKinsey and IBM), we must wonder why. In The Science of Successful Organizational Change, I try to challenge some of the orthodox beliefs about change – for example, that metaphors such as “freezing” and “unfreezing” are apt, […]

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best career book

Three Steps to Career Joy

Each of us will work 100,000 hours in our lifetimes. Either those hours will be fulfilling – doing work that makes us come alive, or dreary – doing work that kills part of our spirit each time we “suit up.” There are steps you have to take to become one of the “lucky ones.” (Excerpted […]

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