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CEO “super-coaches” – Paul Gibbons interviewed by CEO Magazine

In 2009, Paul Taffinder (one of my mentors) and I were interviewed for CEO Magazine about our role as CEO super coaches. In this short piece, we talk about why CEOs use coaches, what specific problems they bring to us, and about our approaches.

Download the full article here: ceo-super-coach

The chief executive must personify his or her organisation like never before. An unforgiving market seizes upon any sign of hesitancy; a ruthless financial press exploits the slightest hint of weakness. It is imperative that the leader appears bulletproof at all times. Trappings of wealth, power and status and a life spent in the public eye elevates company bosses to the realms of celebrity.

But, in a climate where each and every move you make is scrutinised, where does one turn in times of doubt or difficulty? Board members may have their own agendas, fellow CEOs could exploit a competitive opportunity and family is not always up to speed on the latest quarterly results.

Into this void arrives the CEO super coach: consultant, consul and counsellor, as an increasing number of business leaders begin to seek clandestine guidance from beyond the walls of their organisations. The question is, are such measures a sign of weakness or strength?


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  1. Nice, informative article and great promo value from your case study, IMHO.

  2. It was a long time ago – was pleased to get the nod from those guys. Every little bit etc etc..

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