The science of leadership and change: creating tomorrow’s workplaces

Meet Paul

Paul has a global reputation as a scholar on the human side of technology – leadership, culture, and talent. He is the author of seven books, and delivers incisive keynotes on five continents, and in three languages. 

For three decades, Paul has helped C-suites with their most important human capital challenges: leadership, changing culture, and the future of work. He is particularly known for debunking management myths and pseudoscience and bringing the latest developments in the human sciences to business leaders. 

As an advisor to Deloitte, IBM, PwC, and KPMG, he worked on the human capital challenges of exponential technologies: AI, digital transformation, cloud computing, innovation, culture change, and leadership.

His book, The Science of Organizational Change, has been ranked among the top five change management books of all time for bringing behavioral science to current change models. His Spirituality of Work and Leadership remains the most authoritative treatment of that subject; Change Myths was the first book to introduce critical thinking tools to human capital leaders.

In 2010, Paul’s leadership consulting firm, Future Considerations, was ranked the top leadership boutique by Leadership Excellence magazine for being the first “integral” or “teal” consulting firm. In 2018, Paul’s Think Bigger, Think Better podcast was ranked a top ten philosophy podcast. In 2020, Paul polled at #5 in a ranking of the most influential gurus on organizational culture; in 2007, he was ranked the #2 CEO coach in the UK by CEO Magazine. In 2017, Paul was named a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in the UK.

Rather than pursue a too-narrow doctorate, Paul sought a series of advanced degrees in Economics, Organizational Psychology, Philosophy, and Neuroscience, and has an undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology. He has taught leadership, sociology, business ethics, and organizational change as an adjunct professor at several business schools in the US and UK.

Paul’s speaking clients include Google, Microsoft, IBM,  Comcast, HSBC,  Barclays, and the London School of Economics. He has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, HR Magazine, the Guardian, and The Independent.

Though European, Paul lives in Colorado with his two sons and competes internationally at poker, chess, and bridge tournaments. He is a member of the American Philosophical Association, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.