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We all want to make a difference; the difference I want to make is to bridge the gap between the best science/ philosophy and the most important problems of our time. Much of our greatest thinking takes places in academic institutions and is rarely articulated in a way that people (consumers, voters, business leaders, policy makers) can easily translate and use.

Take vaccination, climate change, gluten, firearms, GMOs, charter schools, or terrorism. Discussions around these critical issues are so politicized or commercialized that they are no longer rational. It seems impossible to find an honest, uncorrupted assessment of the best science available. Yet our human future depends on good choices such critical issues!

Or, take business ethics. Business, on the left, in caricature, is seen as fundamentally corrupt – the cause of inequality and environmental injustices. The right, in caricature, sees business interests as unproblematically linked to prosperity – “what is good for business is good for us all.”

My work can be found in books (The Science of Organizational Change and the upcoming Truth Wars), and in free podcasts, videos, blogs, and webinars.

You can make a difference, by helping me make a difference. Please review my research, speaking, and writing agenda (below) and consider supporting it, even modestly. Using the links at the right, you can contribute using Paypal (monthly, or one-off), or Patreon. For supporters, I’m going to host a one-hour, monthly, live, Zoom discussion forum for contributors called “Ask Paul Anything” where you can join the debate. My first goal is to use contributors’ funds to hire a part-time research associate, and part-time marketing associate to produce further free webinars and seminars based on my work.

Truth Wars

  • Understanding fake news, filter bubbles, and media bias
  • Creating news and media literate cultures
  • Exploring institutional reforms that support veracity and accountability
  • Teaching science, financial, and political literacy

Business culture

  • Evidence-based management
  • Science and leadership
  • Cognitive biases and decision making
  • Behavioral sciences and behavioral change

Sustainability and Ethics

  • Creating ethical business cultures
  • Business social activism

Ethics governance and leadership

  • Social change21 st  century workplaces
  • Re-enlightenment/ 21 st  century enlightenment
  • Deliberative/ direct democracy
  • Science communication/ stakeholder science

Why support me?

  • I’m a full-time scholar and author working on helping people like YOU apply the latest research-based
    insights on personal, professional, and civic chocies. Unlike scholars in academic institutions,
  • I’ve spent 35 years in the business world, as a banker, consultant, and CEO. I make
    stuff practical and relevant in ways scholars often don’t.
  • I’m much broader than they can afford to be – and the interesting insights come when
    disciplines overlap. (E.g. climate science and psychology, neuroscience and education)
  • I’m independent – I don’t have to worry about academic politics, publish or perish, or
    any of that stuff.

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