Post-truth: A list of excellent resources and links

Truth Wars book on Post-truth

Post-truth resources

This is a brief list of (in my view) excellent post-truth resources.  They were an early part of the research I’m doing for the Truth Wars book.  I hope you find them useful.

The Economist (a conservative international news magazine) ran a quite brilliant pre-election post-truth overview.

Steve Inskeep, from NPR, wrote A Finder’s Guide to the Facts, which has some interesting tips for sifting out facts in your media diet.

Elizabeth Kolbert, from the New Yorker, published Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds – a study of “the backfire effect”.

The most relevant book, for today’s times, on post-truth is:

Lies Incorporated: The World of Post-truth Politics, Ari Rabin-Havt and Media Matters is an excellent critique of systematic lying by corporations and politicians.  It is extremely well -researched.

As my research on Truth Wars proceeds, I will post additional resources. To stay informed, and get information on book releases, please signup for my mailing list (which is generally no more than 2-3 emails per quarter).

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