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Behavioral Science and the Future of Work with Charlotte Blank and Kelly Monahan

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Welcome back to Think Bigger, Think Better! It’s nice to be back in front of the mic again, and in this episode, we have an exciting doubleheader featuring two women who are helping shape both behavioral science and the future of work.

Charlotte Blank is the CBO at Maritz and Kelly Monahan is the lead researcher on the future of work at Accenture. Since both of these chats are a bit on the shorter side, I put the interviews together.

Behavioral Science and the Future of Work are two elements of the subtitle of my new book IMPACT: Using Science to Change Behaviors, Hearts, and Minds. These are two of the most discussed and most important trends in business today, and I’m excited to share my discussions with Charlotte and Kelly with you. And, the paperback version of IMPACT came out in September 2019, available on Amazon and from other online book retailers.

And for a bit more of an update: I’m giving a couple of big conference talks as this year winds down. One is in Vail on October 23rd – a TED-style talk – and then I’ll be appearing as panelist on the Ethics of AI. Then I’ll be in Chicago on October 29th, kicking off the keynote at the Association of Change Management Practitioners. The title of my talk is Humanizing Change in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

On with the show!

Charlotte Blank is Chief Behavioral Officer (CBO) at Maritz. She is an expert and sought-after conference speaker on everything from incentive programs to consumer psychology.  With an MBA from Harvard and a background in psychology and neuroscience, she has a dream job at Maritz helping make those ideas commercially relevant.

Next, we have Kelly Monahan back with us. Kelly came on the show earlier to talk about her new book, but this time she’s here to chat about the future of work. Her research focuses on the intersections of behavioral economics and talent issues within organizations. She also holds her Ph.D. in organizational leadership with an emphasis in human resource development.

In this episode, Charlotte and I talk about why behavioral science is a hot topic in the business world right now and how Maritz has been shaping the behavioral science revolution. She shares some of her favorite resources for the casual and the serious student of behavioral science and talks about incentivizing workers to do their best.

In my chat with Kelly, we discuss the future of work and why trends toward sustainability, technology, meaning, and new business models are set to continue. We also discuss some of the thinkers and companies, along with her team at Accenture, who are helping shape what work will look like for all of us in the near future.

What You’ll Learn about Behavioral Science from this Episode:

  • Why behavioral science has become commonplace in the way we understand and conduct business.
  • What incentives actually work when a company is hoping to motivate employees.
  • How Maritz is continuing to shape our understanding of behavior and consumer psychology.
  • Why Kelly thinks that the technologization of work could actually provide more opportunities for work to be more human.
  • The relevance of meaning and social capital to employees and businesses today and in the future.
  • Why and how company norms are starting to be established from the bottom up, rather than top-down.

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