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Leadership in the Jungle

“These high-ROI innovations mean the program pays for itself many times over. The elegance of its design means that strong financial returns, talent development and the creation of social value coexist. The mutual reinforcement and harmony between these goals is precisely the bank’s ambition — for frequently these are seen as tradeoffs: do-good or make […]

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healthcare NHS

Healthcare Madness: An American Disease

Paul Gibbons Op Ed in the Capital Times Newspaper, April 2007 An uncertain hold on reality – that is what you Wisconsinites have.  At least if you are one of the twenty people who have held me hostage and grilled me on healthcare since my return here.  Not, “how were your 25 years in Europe, […]

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A composit of various views of a monarch emerging from its chrysalis.

Leadership, linguistic ontology, somatics, and spirituality

Much leadership theory comes from psychology, or worse it is just made up. That is far too narrow a range of “sources” for a topic as important as leadership. In other publications, I talk about economics, neuroscience, sociology, and leadership. In this talk, given at the International Leadership Association in 2007, I introduce three other […]

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How can leadership overcome bad thinking?

Cogntive Biases in the Boardroom: Implications for leadership and strategy

Slideshow: How do cognitive biases affect senior leadership decisions, and what can business strategists and board members do to circumvent the effect of non-rational decision making behavior.     Cognitive biases and leadership decision making from Paul Gibbons

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VUCA and leadership

VUCA and leadership: What tools do leaders need?

VUCA and Leadership The dynamic and fast-changing nature of our world today can be described by VUCA, a term coined by the US Army War College. VUCA stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity…. There are two important megatrends: digitization, and the rise of the developing world. Digitization The first telegraph machine was invented in 1838. Forty years […]

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The Skeptics Guide to Neuroscience: Three things you should know

Neuroscience or neurobabble Does knowing the chemical formula for the reaction between octane and oxygen that takes place in the internal combustion engine help you repair a car? Will it help you win a Grand Prix? Perhaps not. Systems can be analyzed a number of levels from the quantum to the cosmic.  For information to be useful […]

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Paul Gibbons big data

Risks and Misuse of Big Data – Learning from Bank Fraud

In 1995, I was tapped on the shoulder at Coopers (now PwC) by a partner in the forensic accounting practice who was leading our investigation into a 93 million pound fraud ($140m) at NatWest bank. “Gibbons, you traded options, did you not?” “Some”, I replied. Then, suspiciously, “It says here you speak French?” Once he […]

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yin and yang strategy

Meta-strategies for 21st Century Leaders

Yin and yang strategy Strategy is a dance between “hard” approaches, which set direction, plan, and persevere, and “soft” approaches which sense, respond, and flex.  Lots of writing on strategy maintains one is better than the other, rise and fall like hemlines with “soft” strategies currently in vogue (emergent strategy, adaptive strategy, lean strategy, discovery-driven […]

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career myths

7 Myths and Cognitive Biases that Might be Killing Your Career?

Helping people find careers they love sometimes means helping them get out of their own way.  These seven career myths and cognitive biases are the most damaging. Which might be getting in your way? This summary of career myths is from Reboot Your Career, co-authored with Tim Ragan, and available end-September 2016.  The article first appeared in […]

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human flourishing

Is Pursuit of Happiness Making You Miserable?

The happiness disease? The idea that happiness is the most important goal in life has a lot going for it. Philosophers, Eastern and Western, from John Stuart Mill, to the Buddha, testify to its importance. Visit the psychology section of your local bookstore and every second title, it seems, is about happiness. I’m going to […]

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